Mrs. Felicia Lynne Roquemore Mrs. Felicia Lynne Roquemore Professor, Entrepreneurship, Economics, and Marketing Location:Ethel Buckman Hall107A Phone:757-727-5036 Expertise:Leadership and Development, Humand Resource Management, Training and Instructional Design, Management and Marketing

Felicia Roquemore is a seasoned professional in the Leadership and Develoopment Training and Instructional Systems Design Industry.  She has a consortium of experience that she has leveraged strategically for the implementation of organizational and cultural transformation on initiatives for clients in the fields of Defense and Information Technology, Coaching and Consulting, Customer Service, Financial Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Higher Education, Instructional Design, Proposal Writing, Management, and Project Management.

For more than 20 years, Ms. Roquemore has demonstrated an exhaustive management and leadership background working with all organizational levels creating, promoting, and providing solutions designed to undergird the organization's business mission.  She has a strong application of leadership knowledge and customer service and a sensitivity when it comes to Federal clients. Ms. Roquemore has solid experience in directing, and coordinating the planning and production of contracted related activities.

Ms. Roqeumore also has that human related experience that is needed in human resource management, especially in the area of conflict resolution, employee/management planning and career development.  Ms. Roquemore has more than 10 years of experience developing, designing and delivering successful programs/courses for supervisors and managers, directors and vice presidents in the areas of, but not limited to management development, customer service, team building, diversity, communications, leadership, change management, performance management and influencing.  Her average delivery scores have been consistently  above 93%.  

Ms. Roquemore has been an adjunct Professor at the University of Phoenix for the past 20 years, teaching undergraduate and graduate studies in business administration.  Ms. Roquemore has recently added to her teaching experience Micro and Macro Economics at Hampton University.  Ms. Roquemore holds a B.S.B.A. in Business Management, an MBA in Management and a Master's Certificate in Instructional Design.  Ms. Roqeumore has aproven record of accomplishment and of successfully driving complex, cross-functional projects.