Dr. Ruby L. Beale Dr. Ruby L. Beale Professor & Chairperson, Business Administration Location:Ethel Buckman Hall120-c Phone:757-727-5389

I. Current Rank

Professor and Chair - Graduate Faculty

II. Department

Business Administration

III. Education

Doctoral Degree:

Doctor of Philosophy, 1986, Organizational and Social Psychology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Multiple Worker-Familial Role Strain and Psychological Well-Being: Moderating Effects of Job Satisfaction and Coping Resources Among Black Americans, Business Administration

Masters Degree:

Masters of Arts, 1982, Organizational and Social Psychology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Minor Field of Study, Business Administration

Baccalaureate Degree:

Bachelors of Arts, 1980, Industrial Psychology, California State University, San Bernadino, Business Administration

IV. Courses Taught:

MBA 300 Critical Thinking and Analysis

MKT 305 Principles of Marketing

MKT 328 Sales Management

LAP 101- 525 Leadership Application Program: Research, Supervision, Management

MBA 551 Research & Analysis

MBA 502 Business Negotiations and Critical Analysis

MBA 610 Business Research Methods

MBA 648 Human Resource Management

MBA 681 Organizational Theory and Change

MBA 690 Corporate Strategy and Business Policy

V. Intellectual Contributions

Refereed Journal Publications

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Brown, U. J., & Beale, R. L. (2008). "Services Marketing: The Mediating Role of Customer Satisfaction in the Hair Care Industry." Academy of Marketing Studies Journal, 12(1), 57-70 and it won the Distinguished Research Award for Best Paper. (P)

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Sid Howard Credle, Ruby L. Beale, Ph.D., and Lewis Bellinger, (2006). "The Use Of Employers' Evaluation Of The Internship Experience As A Measure Of Competency And Institutional Quality Control: The Test-Drive Methodology", International Journal of Business Research, Volume V, Number 1, 2006. (P)

VI. Commendations

E.L.Hamm Teaching Award for 2007, Hampton University.