About the School of Business

Students must be equipped with leadership, technological and analytical skills to succeed. The Hampton University School of Business is continuously exploring new ways to combine traditional, case-based and experimental teaching methods in a way that reflects the realities of contemporary business. The overall goal is to prepare leaders and scholars who will assume pivotal roles in academic and business organizations.

Our students and faculty come from many geographical areas, creating an environment of intellectual and experiential diversity. Keeping with the Hampton tradition, the School of Business has a high standard of excellence and expects nothing less of its students. Hampton graduates are well-prepared to provide solutions to complex problems and recognize global issues in society.

There are 30 plus full-time and part-time faculty in the School of Business. Of this group, approximately 80% have terminal degrees. Faculty members are selected from a multi-cultural background to provide diversity of thought and to complement the student population. Faculty members are constantly engaged in developing innovative methods of teaching, conducting scholarly research, and participating in student mentorship.


Dean of School of Business

Dean’s Message;

“At Hampton University School of Business, we develop the technical and non-technical skills needed to succeed in today’s business environment. We develop relationships with our students and provide opportunities outside the classroom that enhance their personal and professional development. Our students get an education for life and they always remain informed, connected and flexible.” Dr. Ziette Hayes, School of Business Dean