PhD in Business Administration

The program is an online hybrid PhD degree program in Business Administration. The business Administration track includes courses in accounting, finance, marketing and management. The program requires completion of approximately 61 credit hours adjusted as necessary to incorporate life experience, a student's educational background and the time needed by a student to complete the dissertation.

The program begins with a required four (4) week summer residency in which educational research "tools" will be taught. Students enrolled in the program may select six graduate level courses that will result in at least 18 hours of subject matter in a discipline at the graduate level. These courses will be taught online during the 16 week fall and spring semesters. A Comprehensive Exam, and a dissertation proposal presentation and approval are required in the second summer in residency. Dissertation work will commence after successful completion of all coursework with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0. A final defense of the dissertation is required for graduation. All coursework, including dissertation with the exception of summer residency courses, will be facilitated online. It is expected that each student will publish an article in a refereed academic business journal prior to or concurrent with graduation. A possible outlet for such research is the School's Journal of Business and Finance Research.

Curriculum Sequence

Summer Residency 1
BLA 701R Adv Organizational Behavior 3
BLA 702R Adv Orgn Theory & Practice 3
BLA 703R Adv Computer Applications 3
BLA 704R Adv Topics in Research 3
Total (4 weeks)   12

Fall 1

BLA 705 Strategy & Policy Ldrship (Minor) 3
  Major Coursework 3
  Major Coursework 3
  Major Coursework 3
BLA 706 Teaching Methodology 1
Total   13
Spring 1  
  Minor Coursework 3
  Minor Coursework 3
  Minor Coursework 3
  Minor Coursework 3
Total   12
Summer Residency 2  
BLA 705R Behavior Research Methods 3
BLA 706R Empirical Research Methods 3
BLA 715 Adv Leadership Concepts (Minor) 3
BLA 707 Pre Proposal Presentation 3
Total (4 weeks)   12
Fall 2  
  Comprehensive Exam 1
  Dissertation 4
Total   5
Spring 2  


(up to 24 credit hours maximum of
6 semesters)

Total   4-24