Hampton University

Center for Entrepreneurial Study

Three Male Research Students

The Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (CES) at Hampton University is designed to provide research, educational programming, and assistance to growth oriented minority ventures through a customer centered results oriented and entrepreneuring team of professionals. This program also serves a rapidly growing population of students and graduates interested in entrepreneurship. The goals of the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies are to:

  1. Increase the quantity and quality of minority entrepreneurs;
  2. Improve the ownership/investor share of capital resources for minority populations;
  3. Contribute to a literature emanating from applied research and practical experience;
  4. Provide educational programming (e.g. workshops, seminars and internships) and technical assistance to minority individuals, organizations, and colleges and universities desirous of acquiring entrepreneurial expertise; and
  5. Develop and phase in an Entrepreneurship Major in the School of Business at Hampton University.

Hampton University's Commitment to the entrepreneurial spirit is evidenced by a program of study and experimental learning opportunities leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship. In this regard, Hampton stands among an elite set of colleges and universities in the nation. The University endeavors to produce leaders who will act as catalysts for economic development and serve as models of effective entrepreneurship. Furthermore, our changing business environment creates opportunities and the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (CES) is designed to help students recognize and take advantage of these opportunities.

Hampton's Business Degree in Entrepreneurship offers an internship program which gives students substantial experimental learning opportunities.

The program is designed to accommodate a variety of backgrounds and interests. We seek to attract students who are high achievers, self-confident, creative, persevering, and have a strong work ethic. Through the internship in the Entrepreneurship Program, Small Business Consulting course, and the Hampton University Business Incubator, students are provided with opportunities to develop hands-on experience and work with practicing entrepreneurs during the program of study. Faculty complement each aspect of the learning experience with their combination of academic knowledge and practical experience. As a result, graduates are prepared for leadership in family-owned businesses, new business ventures, working in high growth industries, and graduate school.