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The B.S. Degree program in Economics provides rigorous training in economic analysis. All students are exposed to applications of economic techniques used in the public sector, the private sector and the international business environments. Through the study of standard economic models, students learn to identify, explain and describe the major features and functions of an economy. Successfully completing the major will enable students to analyze, synthesize and evaluate economic, social and business issues.

Consistent with the mission of the University and the School of Business, the Economics Program seeks to (1) provide majors and non-majors high-quality economics courses that will prepare them for admission to graduate programs in Economics and related areas, or entry to professional employment, (2) enhance students' knowledge on the structure and operation of the U.S. market-economy in which they will work, and (3) raise the level of awareness and ability of all students to understand the importance of economic issues, including fiscal and monetary policies.

The Economics Program may be taken with a minor in Information Systems and/or Entrepreneurship.

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